Double Four Siding in Madison

When vinyl siding comes to mind, you’re probably envisioning a home with double four siding. Also called standard siding, double four is one of the most common siding styles for Madison homes.

double four siding madison

It provides a simple, clean look that can transform and improve any home’s curb appeal.

Double Four Siding Can Match Any Home

The reason why double four siding can match almost any home in Madison is because of its simple and clean design. The panels slightly overlap each other to create a sense of depth on your home.

Aside from the design, double four siding in Madison comes in a wide variety of colors. We have calm and traditional colors as well as brighter, more vibrant colors to choose from. One of the biggest benefits of our double four siding is that the colors are baked in during manufacturing to prevent fading.

Our Double Four Siding is Energy Efficient

Our double four siding is made from strong, durable and energy efficient vinyl. Vinyl siding is perfect for Madison homes because it’ll never warp, rot or crack when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Plus, our siding comes with a foam board backing system installed beneath the panels for maximum insulation. It acts as a blanket that wraps snugly around your home, keeping heated and cooled air inside.

The biggest benefit from our vinyl double four siding is the fact that you’ll save on monthly energy bills because you won’t have to rely so heavily on your air conditioner and furnace to keep your home comfortable.

Nearly Maintenance Free

Double four siding from Feldco requires very minimal maintenance because vinyl doesn’t warp or rot when exposed to moisture. With the foam board installed underneath, it absorbs any shocks from debris or stray baseballs. You won’t have to worry about your siding denting or scratching.

Since the colors are baked in during manufacturing, you’ll never have to worry about painting or staining like you would with aluminum or wood siding. The only real maintenance you’ll have to do is a good cleaning about once per year.

The Best Double Four Siding in Madison

Madison homeowners turn to Feldco for double four siding because our product is superior and our service is even better. We take the hassle out of home improvement so you have an easy and efficient project the whole way.

For your next double four siding project in Madison, you can count on us to do the job right and in a timely manner.

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