7 Reasons to Add Aluminum Capping to Your Garage Door

Aluminum capping is one of those features you’d surely notice if it were absent. But when you do have capping around your garage, it tends to blend in so perfectly you don’t realize it is there. It’s like a fresh coat of paint that will make your house stand out – but a more subtle change.

Aluminum Capping on the Garage Door

In case you need more convincing, here are seven reasons why aluminum capping is a great idea after all:

1. Protects the Wood Trim

Wood and water don’t exactly mix, so when you’ve got an older home with wood trim that edges your garage door, you can expect this material to be exposed to rain, snow, and the outer elements. Problems like wood rot, discoloration, and splintering come into mind when this trim material is exposed to prolonged periods of water, and for you, that means maintenance, upkeep, and sometimes even costly repairs.

Aluminum capping nicely fits over this wood trim and negates any of this vulnerability to water. Water won’t penetrate the surface, and now, you’ll have long-lasting trim that requires hardly any maintenance, if any at all.

2. Curb Appeal

Capping provides a cleaner, more professional look for your home. Instead of having worn down wood with chipped or flaking paint that’s potentially experiencing wood rot due to exposure, aluminum will look sleek, smooth, and undamaged. Your home will be the talk of the town with new aluminum capping. Imagine what that can do for your resale value when it comes time to sell.

3. Resale Value

No repairs needed, a cleaner look, protection of the original house structure—all these factors contribute to your home’s overall resale value. When it becomes that time to sell your house, potential buyers will see your aluminum capping as one less project they will need to pay for and execute—a huge bonus for both parties.

This capping boosts your home’s resale value by increasing curb appeal and protecting your home, which are both great reasons to install it. Resale value and curb appeal go hand-in-hand when selling your home and having aluminum capping is one small way to boost both.

4. Rust Resistant & Fade-Proof

Capping is a great investment because aluminum is resistant against rust and fading from UV radiation. The same can’t be said about other materials, like your wood or other common building materials that rust or fade over time. As a homeowner, nothing can be better than an upgrade that is guaranteed to last and be protected from elements like the harsh rays of the sun and water damage.

Rust is a big deterrent for potential homebuyers. Upon looking at rust stains, the very imagery sets off alarm bells. When rust occurs, not much can be done in terms of bringing back that building material to its original glory. With aluminum capping, however, a material resistant to both fading and rusting, there’s no need to protect or upkeep your new framing.

5. No Upkeep Required

inside of a steel garage

That original wooden trim that surrounds your garage door demands maintenance in order to look presentable and to ensure its longevity. Wood requires a thorough sanding, and if painting it to match your garage door, you’ll need to prime and paint its surface a few times so it can withstand Mother Nature.

Aluminum capping needs no upkeep. You buy it as is, and when it is installed, it has a long lifetime with no maintenance required. It is a small price to pay to have this part of your home looking great year-round while you pack away those painting supplies and sanding pads for another project.

6. Your Wood Trim Lasts Longer

An overlay of aluminum cladding will better protect your wood trim, and for you, that means a longer-lasting material. There’s no direct contact with the elements, and wood being weaker to the elements than aluminum, is much safer beneath a layer of your new cladding. Wood does last long on its own when its properly maintained, but when you install cladding overtop, you won’t have to worry about the upkeep or its lifespan.

7. A Better Match to Your Garage Door

Most garage doors aren’t made of wood, but rather, the popular metal choice of aluminum. Match your new garage door with new aluminum capping to really bring out your home’s fresh look. Not only will the capping make everything look cleaner, but you’ll spend far less time worrying about how the original wood will last or if it will stand out against the new metal door.

Aluminum capping, or cladding as some dub it, is a cost-effective way to bring out the best in your home. You’ll see an increase in its exterior aesthetics, resale value, and a jump in your curb appeal. The best out of all the advantages are in the fact that you’ll never have to maintain your new capping, unlike the wood trim beneath it.

Protect Your Garage Door with Aluminum Capping

Garage doors can sustain a lot of damage over the years while being exposed to the elements. Over 400,000 happy homeowners have been served with great product and professional installation. Call Feldco for your next garage door project so we can keep your garage door safe! Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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