Why Seamless Gutters Are a Great Addition to Your Home

Do you know the difference between seamless gutters and sectional gutters? If you’re thinking about renovating a building or just replacing some leaky guttering on your home, you’ll want to gather some information on this crucial exterior safety equipment.

seamless gutters

Below are some of the reasons why homeowners trust the more streamlined and durable seamless gutter system to protect their homes from moisture.

Why Are Gutters So Important?

Do you really need gutters? You may wonder if they’re really necessary, or if it’s just a nice – and expensive – extra. In fact, in the most extreme scenarios, gutters protect the very foundation of your home from cracking and leaking.

Without them, rain will flow straight from the roof rather than away from the structure, washing the soil away from your foundation. With so much water pooled close to your house rather than dispersed away from it, your basement could even be in danger of flooding.

Additionally, a good gutter system will also protect your siding and your landscaping and keep them looking nice for a long time.

Seamless Gutters Are an Upgrade

When gutters became ubiquitous, they could be purchased in pieces and connected with sealants during installation. This way, they could be mass-produced and anyone could cut them to fit their house.

However, these are prone to leakage. Even if they’re installed professionally with tough sealants, as time goes on they can wear down and leak rainwater. Additionally, the seams can cause ridges to form which back up debris blockages.

A seamless gutter system eliminates these problems, as single-piece construction reduces the number of sites where water can escape. This also means that they have to be cleaned and maintained less frequently.

How Are Seamless Gutters Installed?

It depends on the installation company you use, but the materials should be cut on location so that the installers can get the perfect fit. They should measure and color-match the materials to ensure that they match your home and don’t leave any unattractive sloping or overhanging.

The installers should use screws rather than nails, as they’re less likely to pop out when under duress due to heavy ice fall or strong winds. The gutters can be constructed of materials such as copper, aluminum or galvanized steel.

All are durable, but you would need to take a look at the finishes and compare them to determine which would make the most sense for your project according to cost, ease of installation and aesthetics.

When to Replace Your Gutters

While a cracked, leaky or flooded basement is the most severe warning to replace your gutter system with something built to last, you can try to watch out for some red flags long before that happens.

If your siding is moldy or the paint has peeled off, those could be signs that the gutters are no good. If they’re constantly clogged with bugs, sticks and leaves, that could cause major problems.

Finally, check them frequently to see that they’re properly installed, tightly against the house and none of the sections are sagging away from the structure.

Where to Get Seamless Gutters

While the old style of standard gutters can be purchased at home improvement stores and installed with a little research, you need to hire an installation company to put in your new seamless gutter system.

This is due to the fact that they must build the gutters on-site at the time of the installation. Building seamless gutters is a specialty which requires an expensive machine.

When you are ready to improve the look and longevity of your home by replacing the guttering system, you should seek out a reputable local company that specializes in seamless gutters.

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How Much Do Seamless Gutters Cost?

As with any other home improvement project, your total costs will vary according to the quality level of materials used, the amount of material needed, and the labor to complete the job.

When figuring total costs, be sure that the installation estimate includes labor, hauling away old guttering, supplies, a decent warranty and, of course, the actual new gutter materials.

Which Material Should You Choose for Gutters?

What are the characteristics of the available types of gutters, and what would make a particular material more suitable for your project? Aluminum is one of the most popular, as it’s both durable and cost-effective.

Aluminum can last for decades and withstand even heavy snow. Steel, which is more pricey than aluminum, is the most heavy-duty material and is rust-resistant – great for wet climates.

Copper, the most expensive material, is also the most attractive according to some and may look best on an older home or a home in a historic neighborhood. It’s even tougher than aluminum and extremely resistant to rust and weather damage.

How to Select a Great Installation Company

You need to look carefully before selecting a company to work on your home. This is true when it comes to any project, but a new gutter system is especially important to both the look and the function of your house.

There are any number of inexperienced installers out there who will offer a low cost, but don’t just jump for the lowest bid – go for quality and professionalism instead.

Spend your money with someone who arrives on time and provides you with a professional on-location estimate. They should sound knowledgeable about their industry and have several impeccable references for you to check out.

If you aren’t sure where to find someone like this, ask a friend who has seamless gutters or seek personal recommendations on your social media sites.

The Best Time to Install Seamless Gutters

If you have decided that seamless gutters are the best choice for your home, when is the best time to have them installed? If you have a serious problem going on such as broken guttering, cracking foundation and puddles of water, then the obvious answer is: right now!

However, if you’re simply wanting to remodel a home or do some updates when you have the funds, you can choose the most convenient time.

Seamless gutters are a more durable, attractive and longer-lasting update to your home that’ll not only help it look great, but also protect your foundation.

With these tips on the benefits of seamless gutters, selecting a style and finding the right installation company, you’ll be able to have this project completed to your liking and not have to worry about a faulty system for years to come.

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