Why You Need Pet Doors in Your Home

If you have pets you need to have pet doors in your home. Pet doors are a great alternative to constantly having to get up and let your furry friends in or out. They can be useful all around the house as well. The key thing to remember when you are choosing a pet door is to choose one that is made for interior or exterior use, depending on where you are using the door.

Also, pick a door that is big enough to allow your pet to fit through comfortably. If your pet doesn’t feel like they will fit through the door without pinching through, they won’t use the pet door.

If you have never used a pet door for your furry friend before make sure that you go slow when you introduce the concept of a pet door to your pet. It might take them a little bit of time to feel comfortable going through the door without you. Be patient and reward the animal every time it uses the door correctly so that it learns to associate the door with treats and praise.

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There are many different types of pet doors that you can install throughout your home. There are simple doors with just a flap that lets your canine companion or feline friend in and out. There are also electronic doors that have a chip which responds to a corresponding chip in your pet’s collar so that your pet is the only animal that can use the door.

If you’re worried about coming home and finding animals that aren’t yours in your house because of the pet door there are styles of doors that you can choose to make sure your home is secure.

Some pet doors are coded to the RFID chip that you have embedded in your pet as a way to identify your pet if it’s lost or stolen. There are other types of pet doors that are set on timers so that you can control when your pet can go outside and when they can’t.

And now there are even smart pet doors that you can control with an app on your phone or tablet, so that you can release the door with a swipe of your finger and let your dog or cat in or out without getting up.

Pet doors should always be installed by a professional that knows how to choose the right size pet door and how make sure it’s correctly set into your existing door. Many homeowners have ended up having to buy new doors as well as new pet doors after trying a little DIY installation. Leave this one to the pros, especially if you’re having a pet door put into an exterior door or into a unique spot in your home.

The Benefits Of Pet Doors

The most obvious benefit of pet doors is that your pet can let themselves in and out. But did you know that there are other benefits to having pet doors throughout your home as well? It’s true. According to some veterinary studies pet doors have benefits for your furry friends too.

Mental Stimulation

Animals that are left at home frequently, especially dogs, can become very destructive when they are bored and alone. Dogs can urinate or defecate in the house. They also may tear up cushions and chairs or sofas. In addition, they might chew or gnaw on shoes, window frames, pet gates, and other materials.

Many homeowners have come home to find their living room destroyed and an unhappy dog that is suffering from boredom. A pet door with an electronic chip allows your dog to go out into a fenced yard to get some fresh air and playtime as well as to urinate or defecate so that that don’t become bored or destructive throughout the day.


Dogs need daily exercise and many dog owners are too busy to walk their dogs each day or give them the exercise that they need. When your dog has access to a pet door and a fenced yard, your dog can play outside with toys during the day while you’re gone so that they will be sure to get the exercise that they need to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Saves Wear And Tear On Your Doors

If you have a large dog that loves to go out and gets really excited to come inside again you may have noticed some serious scratches from dog claws on your doors. When your dog is excited and paws at the door, a bigger dog can do some major damage to your exterior and interior doors. But with dedicated pet doors your pet can come and go without the urge to scratch up and damage your exterior doors.

Creating Pet Specialized Pet Spaces

Many pet owners don’t realize how many ways that pet doors can be used within the home to help create separate spaces within the house so that some spaces are pet friendly and others are not. A homeowner might want to build a pet bed into an existing closet space or wall space, an idea which is extremely popular on social media.

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That built in pet bed area can have a pet door installed so that only your dog can get into that space and your small child can’t decide to crawl into the dog’s bed and sleep there. Or a pet door can be installed in the door of an extra closet where the kitty’s litterbox is kept so that the cat can access the door and the litterbox but the smell of the box won’t permeate the house.

Pet doors are especially convenient if you have pets that don’t always get along. A pet door installed in an interior door can be set up so that it only opens for one particular dog or cat. That gives that dog or cat a safe space to flee when other pets or kids are bothering it because only that pet can use that pet door.

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