8 Window Problems You Don’t Want in Your Home

No one wants to have any problems in their home but having window problems can be a real headache. Windows are a big part of the appearance of your home. Here are 8 problems you don’t want in your home and if you do have them, it might be time to get new windows.


Won’t Open

Having trouble opening your windows is a common problem and there are a number of things that will cause a window to not open. It could be dirty and dusty, and a simple cleaning could do the trick.

There could be damage to the springs inside the window jambs. However, the springs can be adjusted.

The sash of your window could be warped, bowed or expanded causing it to not fit in the opening. Casement windows can have a completely different set of problems. The first thing you should try is to remove the sash. Check if any screws, bolts, or springs are loose or out of place. Once those are tightened, your window should open easily.

If that doesn’t work, your problem could lie within the hand crank. That means you’ll need to get a brand new hand crank and have it installed.

Won’t Stay Open

When the weather gets nice, you may want to open your windows to let some fresh air in.

The balances can either be broken or disconnected from the sash. That can be an easy fix but if the windows are old, it is probably time to get some new windows.


There are two causes for fogging windows. You typically see window fogging with energy efficient, double pane windows in the winter time. There are two major causes: condensation and seal failure. They may look the same but they need to be handled in different ways.

Some people think there’s something wrong with their windows when they see condensation but it actually proves your windows are working well. Condensation occurs when the warmth of your home meets the cold weather outside on the surface of your window. While it’s usually no big deal, it can cause problems if not taken care of. You can simply wipe down your windows to remove the moisture. If you want to stop it from happening all together, you’ll need to lower the humidity in your home.

Seal failure is a different story. It happens when moisture builds up between panes of glass on your double or triple pane window. You won’t be able to wipe the moisture off and that’s how you’ll know the difference.

It means the seal between the two panes of glass is broken and the gas inside is leaking. Which then means your energy efficient window is no longer energy efficient. It could be time for a new replacement window.


If you’re feeling a draft from your windows then they’re not doing their job. They’re allowing all outside weather to get inside your home and that could be no fun for any season.

Drafty windows can put a hole in your pocket because it’s harder for your furnace or air conditioner to reach the desired temperature. Your home will always be at an uncomfortable temperature. You will see your heating and electric bills start to rise.

Drafty windows could be because your window isn’t energy efficient or because there’s seal failure. They could be bowed or warped causing gaps between the sash and frame.

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Rotting and warping are common with wood windows. When absorbing moisture, the wood expands and contracts which will cause a bend in your windows. Here are the types of warping you should be looking out for:

  • Bow: warps along the length of the window
  • Crook: warps along the edge of the window
  • Kink: a warp that’s found in only one part of the window creating a knot
  • Cup: raises or lowers along the edge of the window creating a cup
  • Twist: distortion the causes window to be uneven

Rotting occurs when the moisture that’s absorbed sits for too long and starts to worsen. It’ll form a fungus that eats away at the wood. This will take away the look of your windows and is very unsafe.

If you don’t treat rotted or warped wood, you can face even more problems. When sitting water and moisture are involved, mold will follow. Mold will form in areas with water leakage and high humidity. The tiny spores that it is made of are dangerous to breathe in.

Moisture will do more than just create mold. It will also attract gnats, flies and termites. All of those bugs love damp, dark places to inhabit — especially in wood. Having a termite problem is very serious. They eat wood and will devour your window so you have to act quick. Termites are also very hard to exterminate.

Insects Getting In

Speaking of gnats, flies and termites, you can also encounter other kinds of insects. When warm weather comes, insects want in. They will be drawn to window screens when the window is open and are attracted to the light you may have on inside your home.

An easy way to keep bugs away from the window screens is by spraying them with an insect repellent. The repellent contains smells that the bugs hate and they won’t go anywhere near the window screen. You might need to spray your screens more during heavy bug season or when it’s really humid.

Water Leaks

One of the most serious window problems is water leaking into your home. It’s caused when your window warps and there’s a gap between the sash and frame. There are so many problems that come from water leaking.

As you already know, leaking water that goes untreated can create mold. When water is leaking into your home, the mold can expand beyond your window. Your walls and floor can absorb that moisture and create a mold problem as well. If that happens, it’ll take more than just replacing your window to fix the problem. It will require construction and become very expensive.

Get replacement windows immediately if you notice water leaking.

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Broken Glass

Broken window? The best solution is to get it replaced as soon as possible. Not only will your home be unsafe but there will essentially be an open hole in your wall.

Don’t Let Window Problems Get the Best of You

All of these window problems can be easily avoided. Replacement vinyl windows are the way to go. They won’t warp, rot and are resistant to bug infestations. A simple cleaning will help your windows withstand the test of time. Feldco is here for you when you’re in need of replacement windows. Get a free quote now!

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